Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bully Busters; No Room for Bullying!

Now that school is full swing, it is time to make sure that school is a safe place for everyone!  I  hope that students read this blog post to learn how they can help make Curtis a "World - Class!"   Students are making good choices and following the most important rule of all which is showing respect.  I would like for Curtis to continue to be a place that has a positive learning environment for all students and staff members.  It is important to keep Curtis bully free.  We have great kids at Curtis Elementary that are importnat in helping to eliminate bullying.  Curtis Roos can be Curtis Bully Busters! 

What is Bullying?

 It is defined Policy FDB(Legal) as written or oral expression or physical misconduct that a school district's Board of Trustees or the Board's designee determines: 1) to have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student' s property or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student's person or damage to the student's property; or 2) to be sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive  to create an intimidating or threatening or abusive educational environment for the student.

Who Can Stop Bullying?

Students have the power to put an end to bullying.  Students are on the  playgrounds, in the bathrooms, in the halls, and in the classroom.  Bullies do not bully in front of adults so it is often difficult for teachers or staff members to be everywhere all at once.  If students see somone bullying another person, or a student is being bullied,  it is important that students report it!   Each teacher has a Bully Report form at Curtis.  Students can report bullying activity to any adult in order to report this behavior. That is what Bully Busters do!

It is my goal to help make Curtis a Bully free school so that Curtis is a safe learning environment for all, and I need every one's help.  Students can unite and be Bully Busters!  At Curtis, we have lots of room for kids, but we have no room for bullying.

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