Friday, May 1, 2015

Innovation RooStars

I am an Assistant Principal at Curtis Elementary, a world-class elementary school.  I believe that the learning opportunities we provide students at Curtis will prepare them for the future!  Curtis Elementary is heading the right direction as a Future Ready school that promotes innovation.  At this time in education, it is imperative to change what schools are doing for students.  We must do school differently in order to prepare students for success in the world.

Teachers at Curtis Elementary are blazing a trail innovation by becoming connected learners.  Teachers are connecting with other educators around the state, nation, and world to provide valuable learning opportunities for students.  One of Curtis Elementary' teachers is Amanda Rogers.  Amanda is the Curtis Elementary Teacher of the Year and the WISD Elementary Teacher of the Year!  Amanda provides a connected learning experiences for students each day.  Her students have had experiences connecting to authors, business partners of the community, and renowned research scientists across the globe.  Amanda challenges her students through Project Based Learning.  Students are currently designing zoo enclosures for animals by collaborating with a local engineering company in our community.  Students in Mrs. Rogers' class are authentically engaged and learning beyond the walls of this school tapping into their passions and talents.  Students are learning beyond the brick and mortar of this campus.  They are having fun and developing a love of learning.   Because of world - class educators like Amanda Rogers, Curtis is a world-class school of choice!